A Culture of Compliance-EEOC Approved Training

Anti-Harassment Non-Discrimination Services

Enterprise Solutions Group has established a successful and comprehensive Legal and Compliance Solutions practice aimed at helping our clients meet, maintain and prove compliance with federal and state regulations and with court-mandated agreements. ESG is an approved provider of training, monitoring and compliance services working with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). ESG maintains an EEOC-approved training class, investigation process and reporting process that focuses on building a culture of compliance that is fair, reliable and comprehensive. 

Our EEOC compliance services include a multi-layered and comprehensive approach to compliance. This approach includes:  

  • An EEOC-approved training presentation for staff
  • An EEOC-approved training class for managers
  • Working with Human Resource departments to ensure all staff are trained
  • Multiple communication options for requesting assistance with an issue
  • A rigorous and defined investigation process to assist clients in investigating employee issues while maintaining employee rights and confidence
  • A focus on building a corporate culture that supports compliance while protecting both the organization and employee
  • A non-partisan process that focuses on resolving issues not placing blame

Our services work with your Human Resources Department to quickly and vigorously investigate and mediate employee complaints. We provide multiple communication options for employees to ask questions or request assistance, including a means of anonymously reporting concerns. 

Our EEOC compliance services cost an average of $1,500 per month for organizations with less than 150 combined part-time and full-time employees. This includes access to our annual training videos for staff and managers, four stand-up training sessions per year -- delivered one per quarter, a company specific email address, web form and phone number to report concerns, investigating up to two issues/complaints per month, and 250 business cards with the appropriate contact information for questions or concerns. Investigations of complaints in excess of two per month cost an additional $500 per complaint. These services require an annual upfront retainer of $6,000 and then monthly payments of $1,000.