While some challenges are common to all businesses; our experience has taught us that many businesses also have their own unique issues. Our experience has also revealed that those individuals who know specific sectors in depth are most equipped to effectually deal with the uniqueness of those specific industry or business issues. At ESG, we have expertise across a variety of industries that has armed us with the capability to both recognize and resolve the complexities and nuances of specific industries. This proficiency allows us to bring functional, technical, and industry-specific knowledge to each engagement while simultaneously understanding the commonality among businesses.

Health Care

The healthcare industry is a vastly complex and at times, fragmented industry.  ESG has extensive expertise  assisting healthcare organizations, providers, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical firms, device manufacturers, and research organizations.  We have helped our clients in a range of ways.

Financial Services

The financial services industry has undergone a revolution within the last 5 years. Products have changed, the market has changed and most of all consumer demands have changed. Through our unique integration of information technology, business processes, and compliance checkpoints, we have been able to rapidly develop the organizational capacity to meet these changing demands. From local credit unions to international brokerage houses, we have provided out clients with outstanding service.

Social and Public Sector

The nonprofit, government and higher education sectors face unique challenges and accountability. These sectors face constant pressure to do more with less and nothing stays still for public sector and not-for-profit organizations. Faced with a steady stream of new laws and policies, and under pressure to work better, they are in a culture of constant change. Organizations constantly deal with new policies and changing laws, they are also under pressure to work more efficiently and become more people-focused.

Family Owned Businesses

Family-owned businesses have to juggle two closely interwoven priorities: growing a successful company and upholding the shared values that support its success. That calls for sensitive, culturally specific personal and professional advice that goes way beyond dollars and cents. 

Technology Companies

Technology companies often get an A+ for ideas but a lower grade for putting them into practice. This is where Enterprise Solutions Group can help. We work with great innovators to help them deliver equally great customer service, and structure their businesses to react to the lightning-fast changes in their industry.