Business Process Improvement

Enterprise Solutions Group has established, successful, and comprehensive experience improving the performance of businesses.  From venture-capital funded start up businesses to Fortune 100 Corporations, ESG has extensive experience optimizing business processes throughout the enterprise.  Our proven methodology ensures success and minimizes risk on critical projects by taking an integrated process and systems approach to resolving business issues.  We leverage our experience across many industries by building project teams with functional experts while closely managing each engagement for success.  One simple philosophy guides us -- “proceed with the end in mind.” 


ESG's Process Improvement Solutions offers a complete portfolio of services to businesses across all industries.  The practice provides sound, practical, yet innovative solutions to meet your business needs.  Simply stated, we solve business problems using a combination of four interrelated disciplines.   Each discipline can be used independently or combined depending on the breadth and depth of the desired improvement.  We maintain an expertise in business process reengineering to assist in larger scale projects which desire wholesale change to current processes.  For organizations that desire incremental change, or projects that are more tactical, Enterprise Solutions Group has significant experience in business process improvement.

Benchmarking allows an organization to assess themselves against their competitors, an industry, or against their own internal measurements.  For many organizations, benchmarking provides the basis for improving selected departments, organizations or processes and is the foundation for business process reengineering.  Organizational development and change management are crucial to the long-term success of all businesses.  We have extensive experience transforming single processes and entire organizations.  We are nationally recognized for our contributions to the science of process improvement and praised by our clients for the improvements we have made to their organizations.  Our experience has led us to be ranked as a world-class organization and a recognized leader in Business Process Solutions.   


We help companies effectively deploy their corporate strategy throughout the organization, and respond to continuous market demands and change by maximizing the speed, responsiveness, and flexibility of their operations.  Since business process reengineering projects include transforming business processes, systems, and organizational structures, we address and integrate these changes throughout the project.  We focus not only on the three main project areas of process, people, and technology, but also on political, marketing, and customer service issues.  We believe this holistic approach differentiates us from other consulting firms and allows us to provide valuable, permanent results. 

We make your strategic vision a tactical reality!