Change Management

Change management is as much an art, as it is a science. Change management involves changing people, processes, systems, and often, the culture of an organization. At the heart of change management lies the change problem, that is, some future state to be realized, some current state to be left behind, and some structured, organized process for getting from the one to the other. The change problem might be large or small in scope and scale, and it might focus on individuals or groups, on one or more divisions or departments, the entire organization, or one or more aspects of the organization's environment. 

In order to create a more effective organization, strategy and planning must be combined with execution. Even with the most strategic plan, it is sometimes difficult to get the results you desire upon execution. Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) assists businesses in creating the most effective organizations and achieving their desired goals.  

ESG works closely with our clients to create a calculated strategy and execute it with precision. We help our customers decipher their plans, define their business and operating models and recognize the organization design essentials -- structures, governance and management systems, processes, jobs, culture and people capabilities -- that will be required to make the organization function. 

We use our extensive knowledge of human motivation and successful work design to help clients develop an effective and advantageous organization. ESG builds organizations that thrive on leadership, stimulate employees, and strive for performance and delivery. 

ESG works with many different businesses of all sizes, from small companies to global organizations. ESG provides assistance with a variety of business issues including: 

  • Aligning organizations with new strategies 
  • Designing organizations to support expansion into new markets 
  • Clarifying governance and accountability within rapidly changing organizations 
  • Helping businesses make their matrix structure work 
  • Changing structure and culture to respond to privatization or deregulation 
  • Integrating organizations' intangible assets in mergers and acquisitions 

When executing plans and strategies, it is important to be clear about your goals and dedicate yourself to reaching them. Delivery is necessary at both an individual level and a team level and sustenance is equally important.

Businesses sometimes move too quickly from developing a strategy to setting it into motion. This can result in employees placed in positions that are poorly defined and poorly structured organizations. ESG can provide senior executives with a more disciplined approach to constructing an effective organization. 

We focus on fact based solutions and apply our knowledge of management behaviors to locate underlying issues that may affect business performance during organizational change. 

ESG has extensive knowledge of the translation of strategy into operating models and organization design requirements. Our comprehension of human behavior and vast experience has helped many organizations in various industries globally.  

We have a partner style relationship with our clients as we assist them in addressing their unique business needs. We provide them with real-world solutions so that they can thrive. Whenever necessary, we stay with our clients even after the completion of a project to ensure its success. ESG transfers knowledge and capability to the organizations we work with allowing them to lead and manage in the most efficient way. We do not overrun organizations with a large team of inexperienced consultants but instead send a small team of experienced professionals to advise senior leaders and help them achieve their business goals. 

ESG employs a "build as you go" approach that allows senior executives to shape their own design, get buy in from their leadership team, and speed up implementation. We provide our clients with the necessary knowledge to find the links between strategy, finance, operations, and behavior. We hand them our proven tools and methodologies that have been implemented in organizations globally. 

ESG applies the following steps in assisting businesses with change management: 

  • Strategy Clarification 
  • Clarifying the business model 
  • A "fit for purpose" operating model 
  • Organization design 
  • Individual and organizational buy-in
  • Culture transformation 
  • Implementation 

We help you build today to create the future of tomorrow.