Performance Excellence Accelerated Knowledge

PEAK Training

Enterprise Solutions Group's (ESG) Operational Excellence offers a complete portfolio of organizational improvement services. To address the needs of companies that desire an internal means to improve operations and address other organizational challenges such as personal accountability, process improvement and working within a team, ESG developed PEAK training. As a foundational training program, PEAK empowers employees to understand and solve complex problems using proven techniques based on six-sigma principles.   

PEAK training has been called an MBA in a day. The training focuses on understanding and solving complex problems using proven techniques from a variety of industries, thought-leaders, bestselling business books and MBA programs. The training furthers the mindset of "owning the problem." Lessons include team dynamics, root cause analysis, process improvement and successful team building. This module begins the discussion on personal and team accountability, then explores root cause analysis and ends with how to permanently and holistically solve problems.

The module contains concepts to teach process improvement, task management and project management. Several Six Sigma methodologies are covered in a way that allows students with no previous training to understand and implement process improvement techniques. Root cause analysis techniques are addressed as well throughout the training. The training program not only teaches participants real-life techniques to organize, improve and optimize their work, PEAK helps participants implement sustainable organizational change.   

To help enforce what was learned, each module contains 30-day challenges that students are encouraged to accept. These challenges require participants to adopt and adapt the best practices presented in training to their work environment.  

After the training is completed, ESG offers a mentor program that works with participants to select and resolve a specific organizational issue while receiving personalized guidance from ESG staff. This hands-on training serves as a capstone to the PEAK training and teaches advanced Six Sigma techniques to analyze and resolve organizational challenges.   

PEAK training consists of two two-hour training classes. We recommend allowing an additional 30-minute question and answer period after each class. Classes are typically run over a two-week period, but can be adapted as needed.