Project Management

Sound project management is fundamental to the success of all projects.  Enterprise Solutions Group’s project management team uses industry best practices to create unique roadmaps for success, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.  Whether the project is the implementation of a new system or process, our project management methodology takes into account many factors including the proposed business processes, the organization’s technological infrastructure and proposed deployment platform, the training requirements, any maintenance requirements, and the human and political factors associated with change.  One of our key goals is to bring accountability to the project.  Project management is at its heart, dependent on proper planning, but successful project implementation is dependent on a variety of factors.  A good plan will only get you so far and the goal of project management is not developing just a good project plan, it is the successful implementation of a new process or system.  Enterprise Solutions Group has extensive experience in successfully implementing new processes and systems. 


We have successfully managed large-scale projects across multiple organizational, and even country, boundaries.  Our project managers have extensive experience and many have been certified by the Project Management Institute.  We welcome the opportunity to share our experience, our expertise, and develop a project plan to meet your needs.