Social and Public Sector

The nonprofit, government and higher education sectors face unique challenges and accountability. These sectors face constant pressure to do more with less and Nothing stays still for public sector and not-for-profit organizations. Faced with a steady stream of new laws and policies, and under pressure to work better, they are in a culture of constant change. Organizations constantly deal with new policies and changing laws, they are also under pressure to work more efficiently and become more people-focused. It's a culture of constant change that raises big questions:  

  • Is your organization's structure right for the task? 
  • What is the best way to manage a project?
  • Do you have the bandwidth to support more change?
  • Do your systems support your mission?
  • How do you do more with less, again?

We help government departments, agencies and public sector organizations around the world to answer these questions. They trust us because we're are committed to their success and we work in ways they recognize and understand. 

We understand what makes the public sector tick and can help leaders improve effectiveness.  

Enterprise Solutions Group combines the best of our private-sector expertise with a deep understanding of the social and public sectors to effect lasting change and achieve enduring results for our clients. From systems development, to systems integration, to change management, to financial analysis, to project management and process improvement, Enterprise Solutions group has led nonprofit, Federal, State and Municipal governments, and higher education organizations through change. 

Enterprise Solutions Group delivers end-to-end, cross-functional capabilities.  Our blend of fresh thinking and proven solutions deliver results for our clients.  We have experience that counts, innovation that works and outcomes that matter for citizens, students and communities.