Technology Companies

Technology companies often get an A+ for ideas but a lower grade for putting them into practice. This is where Enterprise Solutions Group can help. We work with great innovators to help them deliver equally great customer service, and structure their businesses to react to the lightning-fast changes in their industry. 

Technology companies have no problem thinking up new and profitable ideas. In our experience, where they sometimes struggle is in sustaining their good fortunes over the long term. It's tough, for example, to make the shift from being all about new products to being great at customer service.  

And when you're enjoying the success of having created the "next big thing", it's particularly hard to fight the upstart competitors who have come from nowhere to eat your lunch. Just ask the mobile handset manufacturers whose businesses were battered by the smartphone revolution. 

ESG helps technology companies turn innovations into enduring businesses. We help our clients deal with the tech industry's unique challenges by:  

  • Creating agile organizations that can respond quickly to change
  • Channeling their people's natural enthusiasm into productivity and results
  • Developing leaders who can work effectively in a globalized environment
  • Designing organizations to be more customer-focused